Friday, 18 July 2014

Elvive fibrology hair range

Loreal Elvive Fibrology hair care range

Hey guys ! I know this is probably a small bit late on the band wagon but I just wanted to talk about the new (well actually not so new at this stage ) Elvive fibrology hair care range they have brought out about hmmm 6 maybe 7 months now . So basically If your someone like me who has crappy thin lifeless hair and you are always on the hunt for thickening , voluminous , pretty much anything that makes your hair that little more voluptuous  and bouncier , well Elvive is for you -  big thumbs up in my book !!
Ok so I have the shampoo , conditioner , the hair treatment and the thickening booster , I realize there is also some sort of serum which I will eventually get around to buy sometime . Anyhow , what's the magic ingredient in these products ? You may just be asking yourself , well it's a car windscreen sealant ... Just kidding just kidding ... well it actually supposedly is according to Google search ! The marvelous wonder ingredient is filloxane . I'm not going to get into the science of how it works ,  but it works so what more can I say :)) I would like to start off by saying how great the products smell and the smell actually lasts the day after washing . I started too see my hair thickening after around 3 washes . I would use the hair masque once a week and the booster every 2 weeks just because the packet is so tiny and its like nearly €6 so you definitely would not want to be using it excessively. In fact I would actually say you could nearly leave the booster out as I did not see a major difference in my hair when I used it as compared to just the shampoo and conditioner. The only negative thing I would have to say about the range is that I found it to be a small bit drying on my hair , but I guess the serum you can buy too which is part of the range would probably fix that problem.
All in all I think I will be sticking to my hair care routine with the Loreal Elvive fibrology range as it definitely works wonder for my thin lifeless hair.

Thank you all for reading and please ask me any questions on the product you may have.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


Skulls and high ponytails

clashing colours and prints is what I do best who sticks to the rules these days anyway? Abit of pink ,blue , black and cream  , why not ? 

where from :



black fringes and denim jeans

I was feeling rather black today so I paired a plain black polo neck top with a black fringed kimono I picked up from Pennys/Primark with a pair of Topshop Joni jeans . I also added a slight pop of colour with the necklace which has a vintage-esque kinda feel and wore my black buckle slightly platformed ankle boots .
The kimono I also feel was amazing value for just €12 compared to the prices I have seen on websites I would definitely advise people to get there hands on one for summer as kimonos are going to be massive this summer  , if you are going to check them out you will find it in the swimsuit area as that's where mine was , but I have no intention in wearing mine over a bikini !
anyhow hope you enjoyed .

where from :
Jeans- topshop joni jeans €55
Kimono- pennys/primark-€12
Boots- paul Byron shoe store-€25
Necklace- savida accessories from dunnes stores- €15

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2013

What I got for Christmas 2013
Hello my little beauties, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and gave and received many gifts. I bet you all ate so much you felt a bit sick afterwards and then you sat for a while to let your dinner digest and then you got stuck into the box of celebrations, heroes or quality streets, with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Unless of course you scraped that and went straight to the beer, spirits and wine to get a little Merry ;)
            Anyhow I had a fantastic Christmas and was spoiled by my fabulous Mother and my boyfriend and am truly grateful for everything. Here is a picture of some of things I got, I also received some money, vouchers , gym clothes, and underwear. Pretty chuffed with the gym clothes to be honest  gave me a bit of motivation to hit the gym after xmas suited up In my new gear  , although I still haven’t gone yet ….

I received sooo much Soap and glory both the miniature version and the full sized versions or products. I’m going to be smelling pretty god darn good if you ask me ;)  I didnt show each and every product but you can see them in the lovely bags that they came in.  

As you can see at the moment I am slightly obsessing over The lord of Rings trilogy I think its because of the release of the Hobbit movies it has made me delve back into the fantastical world of middle earth once more , I received both the book set and the DVD collection. For some reason I don’t know why I never bought the DVDs earlier as its nearly 12 years since the first movie came out .

Thanks so much to my boyfriend for the mint green converse I was so surprised when I opened them , I am  just In love with them seriously the colour is just fab don’t you think ?

I also got the benefit cabana glama makeup set, it comes with the Hoola bronzer ,  posietint , neutral eyeshadows and highlighter , its perfect for carrying around in your handbag !

Others I got were babylips , essie nailpolish in ‘mint candy apple’ , marvel poster and my little granny got me the Tresemme heated hair rollers  can’t wait to try them out have been wanting some for ages !

Thanks for reading , how was your Christmas ?

Thursday, 19 December 2013


Review- benefit makeup
Hi guys, today I am back with a quick review on two Benefit products which I recently came about. On one of the products I don’t even think a review is necessary because it must be the most raved about product in the beauty industry. But hey ho ,  whats one more person raving about it going to do ! 

First up is the incredible porefessional beauty balm, which I am sure most of you would of heard about before. It is supposed to minimize the appearance of pores and give an even smooth finish to the skin, and to be honest it does just that! The price cost around €35, an absolute rip off is what I thought at first for the little size of the tube but hearing so much about it I had to cave in, No that’s a lie actually my mam bought it for herself. But in fact I would say it is more of a split luxury between her and myself as I use it when she doesn’t know so shhhh , I just really hope she’ s not reading this post …

Off the point but yea basically it’s expensive and I don’t know If I would of bought it myself. From the picture shown below the colour is a slightly peachy colour but when applied it is unnoticeable. You really only need the smallest amount, hence why it’s in a small tube because you don’t need a bucket load, well unless of course your pores are the size elephants! It can be used as a primer applied after moisturizer or sometimes I actually like to place it over my foundation a small bit in the areas that I feel are a tad bit cakey. The texture of the balm is so velvety and once it’s on your skin it feels like there is a very thin layer of silk on your skin , I mean what more could you ask for right ? I like the fact that it is actually a balm as it doesn’t contain as much oils as some creams do which may in fact make your skin greasy.

So the big question here or matter of fact is ‘’does it really minimize your pores ‘’ ? Nooo it does not … just kidding you guys, yes it absolutely does! Well maybe not exactly ‘minimize’ but it does make them less obvious and foundation doesn’t seep into your pores and clog them up , it just helps the foundation glide over the skin more smoothly .

The other Benefit product is the Hello flawless powder which quite simply is just a nice matte powder that completely eliminates shine and it really keeps your foundation looking oil-free. For people with rather oily skin like myself I think it is important to invest in a good powder, this one cost €17, which is rather expensive but powder at least for me usually lasts me absolutely ages. 

thanks for reading please comment below and I will check out your blog :) 


Maroon Madness

Sorry I have not posted anything in near a month its just I have been busy with exams in college and stuff like that ,  so my apologies . Here is a quick outfit post which on the day it was a small bit chilly but I was as cosy as a caterpillar in a cocoon with this over-sized jumper layered with a collared shirt underneath ! 









Friday, 22 November 2013

make-up favourites

 All time faves

I thought I would do a post showing some of my all time beauty favourites , here is a look at six of them . These are all products that I have or would repurchase when they are finished. They are products that will more than likely forever be in my make-up bag!

 The soap & glory kick ass concealer retails at about €11 in most boots stores across Ireland . I really adore soap & glory products especially there skin care range I think the packaging is so girly and fun and most of their products more than often seem to smell quite heavenly to say the least ! This concealer for me is one that I use daily , It comes with both a dark and lighter shade and the texture is perfectly creamy without being greasy. It also is accompanied by a translucent powder and applicator , the coverage is very full and blends in very well with the skin so blemishes or whatnot are hidden . 

Essence liquid ink eyeliner is by far my most beloved liquid liner,  I have tried many many liquid eyeliners and always seem to come back to this , its cheap only €2.64 , cheerful and does a wonderful job at perfecting that winged look that I cherish. cant go wrong really !
Lush cosmetics bubblegum lip scrub . Bet your wondering right now does it actually smell like bubblegum , well let me tell you right now it sure as hell does , pretty much pink bubblegum goodness on your lips!  anyway , I have had this lip scrub for quite some time now its sells at around €6.50 if I remember correctly . This is one of does products for me that is a hidden beauty gem in the back of my drawer that I often forget about , but I always seem to fall in love with it all over again after I have rediscovered it from the back of my drawer. 
This lip scrub is ideal for those cold winter months when your lips become very dry and cracked , it will remove any dead worn out skin cells and will just transform your lips back into silky, smooth , kissable lips again and plus leave them smelling like absolute heaven .

maybeline new york the falsies volum' express mascara . This mascara is amazing I just advise you all to leave your house immediately and go buy  it just kidding but seriously it is a great mascara. Just look at that wand and does bristles it just glides onto your lashes and separates like no other. 

Urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray , only way to describe it is LIFE SAVER . It keeps my makeup on for so long and keeps my skin from getting to oily . The small spray cost around €13 whilst the larger ones cost €27 . Its is also paraben free which is a very good thing.

last of all is my Revlon Photoready perfecting primer . This primer I believe is just magic for the price of around €11 . It evens and smoothens my skin and makes my make-up look that bit more flawless .The packaging makes it look way more expensive and well pumps are always a bonus in my books as they are much more hygienic. 

If there are any products which you would like to see a more detailed review on let me know :) 
thanks for reading .